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Store Safety Signs and Retail Signage

There are hazards everywhere we go and accidents waiting to happen everywhere we turn. Often, removing the actual risk or hazardous object is not always possible (it was clearly put there for a reason). Installing proper safety signage is the best way to warn people of possible hazards and reduce the risk of accident or injury. Not only will this put people in a safer position, it will also protect the hazardous area from being damaged or broken.


One common place for injury is the stockroom of a retail store. No matter you are selling, there will always be something in your stockroom that can pose a risk to you and your team of employees. High shelves are a big one: many stores, to save space, have stock shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Reaching items on the lower shelves is generally a risk-free venture, but those higher shelves require many precautions in order to prevent injury. Most retailers have a method for reach the items on the high shelves, typically step stools, ladders, or reaching devices, but are your staff aware of that? Do they know the proper procedure for reaching items off of the high shelves? Adequate safety signage explaining the procedure for reaching will save you a lot of trouble! Failing to install safety signage might result in staff climbing the shelves, jumping and yanking and things down by the corner, or other practices that might lead to them falling, or an avalanche of merchandise falling and landing on them.


Of course the retail area of your store will require safety signage in certain circumstances. If you mop the floor during business hours, or melted snow and slush in the winter finds its way in, you’ll want to install safety signage warning of a slippery floor. This will not only warn people to be careful and prevent injuries on their part, but will also save you some potential lawsuits! Failing to use proper safety signage to warn customers of potential safety risks is a liability. Simply being forgetful or negligent toward this matter can cause you a lot of legal trouble, so make sure you’re always being proactive with your signage. Remember, also, that wet floors aren’t the only retail store safety hazard. Shelves full of delicate, breakable glass items are also a hazard. If they break, they could easily cut someone. A small sign warning customers that the items are breakable and need to be handled with care should be enough to warn people of the risk and get them to behave a bit more cautiously.


Sometimes a safety risk might seem so obvious that you will think safety signage is not necessary. Other times you might assume that the odds of accident or injury taking place are slim, and that obtaining proper signage is not worth worrying about. It is, however, always worth worrying about. Accident and injury can happen to anyone at any time, and though the risk might seem obvious to you, it can be easily unnoticed by others. As the old saying goes: it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


To keep your store, patrons and employees completely safe, invest in the affordable Reel E-Z Display pulley system. Rather risk injury by climbing an awkward ladder while holding a sign or having a sign fall from overhead onto the shoppers below, use our safety retail signage system.  The person changing the retail signage stays on the floor at all times. The retractable signs self level and are held securely in place. When it comes to complete store safety, this is one system you cannot afford to be without.


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