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Retractable Banners – Sign Hanging Safety for Your Business

While most injuries are minor, there is a possibility of more severe injuries or even death resulting from ladder mishaps.  You, as the employer, will want to be sure to reduce the risks of injuries by enforcing sign hanging safety in your workplace.  It is wise to include this as part of the incoming orientation for new employees as well.  The four basic points for teaching are explained more in detail below.

1.  Choosing the right size and the right type of ladder for the job. It is very important to purchase multiple quality ladders for your business so employees are not getting in harms way due to restricted choices.  Different jobs will require different types of ladders and even a variety of sizes to ensure sign hanging safety.  Over reaching on a ladder that is too short for the job can result in a fall.  When an employee chooses a ladder that is too long, they will most likely place it in an unsafe position to get it to work, resulting in sliding or it moving in some way and causing injury.



2.  Ensure the flooring is even and not slippery. If a floor is uneven when setting up the ladder there is much more likelihood of injuries.  If the floor is slippery, the base of the ladder will slide once the employee tries to climb up it.  If the position of the ladder has to be on one of these surfaces then you should make sure two people are working together so that one can hold the base of the ladder in place and make sure it does not slip when climbed on.  Retail signage hanging safety should include ladder safety training to prevent such injuries.

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3.  Proper Lifting and Posture Techniques. All injuries are not caused by falling off of a ladder.  An important factor of sign hanging safety includes positioning the body in such a way that you are not twisting in awkward positions and straining muscles.  This is combination of lifting the heavy signs can not end well if the wrong muscles are pulled or strained.  It is suggested to hold heavy items as close to you as possible when lifting and never twist or stand unbalanced on the rungs of a ladder.  Injuries of muscle strain in your shoulders, neck and back can be prevented by using sign hanging safety techniques.


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4. Retractable Signage systems. Using these systems in your business is the best way to ensure sign hanging safety for all of your employees.  These systems require the employees to pull the signs down from the ceiling with a long pole eliminating the need for nearly all sign hanging tools, ladders and harmful straining.  It takes sign hanging safety to a whole new level since there is no longer a need for ladders or heavy lifting.  Your business needs high altitude and ceiling signage to be truly effective and raise sales, so why not wipe out the possibilities of fall and back injuries completely by using the best retractable signage system there is?   We have a safe retractable banners system that you need for your business’ sign hanging safety.  Contact us today to learn more about our retractable signage system.



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