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Hanging Retail Signage Safely: The Safe Way to Great Advertising

One of the very best ways to get your customers’ attention is with large, well-placed, eye-catching retail signage. Customers don’t tend to come into a store with the intention of asking what your deals are, and if they find it difficult or inconvenient to navigate your store, they won’t come in at all. A good way to show customers where to find what they are looking for and to let them know what your greatest bargains are is to make sure that your signage is large, attractive and up to date. This can work wonders for your daily profits, but the flip side is that hanging signs can be difficult, awkward and sometimes even unsafe. You need to have the very best signage for your store, so make certain that you and your staff are up to date on sign hanging safety.

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Most stores have at least once ceiling sign, but it’s very common for stores to have several signs hanging from the ceiling. The ceiling is an excellent place to put a sign because a sign hanging up high is visible over the shelves and displays, meaning that customers can always see them and won’t have to search for the information that they are looking for. Another high-visibility technique for retail signage is to place them high up on the wall, overlooking a display or a shelf. This technique is good when you want to call attention to the sale or promotion that applies to the items on that display. Getting these attention grabbing signs where they can do the most good can be problematic, so sign hanging safety is absolutely vital when placing your high-up signs.

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Most signs require more than one person to hang signs. Some signs are so large or so awkward that they require more than one employee to manhandle them into position. Others simply require a ladder to get up to a high place, and sign hanging safety dictates that while one worker climbs a ladder, another should be on the ground to stabilize the ladder and to keep an eye out for potential hazards. Having more than one person help to hang a sign can increase sign hanging safety, but when extra people have to work on a task, that costs extra money and takes up a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere. Fortunately, there are other ways to make hanging retail signage a safe and efficient task.

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The Reel E-Z Display system is designed specifically to be safe and easy to use.  It can be operated by one person, eliminating the need for extra employees to help change signs.   With Reel E-Z, sign hanging safety without compromising visibility, efficiency or convenience is possible.  Consider switching your current system to the cost-effective Reel E-Z Display solution. There is no need to sacrifice an excellent advertising strategy to have safe, secure sign hanging techniques. With Reel E-Z, every store can have a sign hanging system that promotes safety along with great bargains.


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