Put your ladder away and change signs Reel EZ!

Play It Safe 
Using this retractable signage system, employees can change merchandising signage safely from the floor – no ladder needed.
Reduce Labor Costs 
This safety signage system allows one person to handle the entire job with both hands free, freeing up other employees to do other things and be more productive.
Simple and Versatile 
Reel EZ ceiling signage system easily attaches to any ceiling type. Its streamlined design makes for quick installation, which means your merchandising signage gets to work for you faster.
Perfection Every Time 
You can adjust the height of your sign by following colored markings on the 10-foot extension. Once you hang the new signs, a self-leveling feature ensures clean, uniform presentation every time.
Generate More Revenue 

Signs can’t help sell if they don’t get hung. Reel EZ retractable signage makes it easy!


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