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The Benefits of Retail Signage – About Ceiling Signs

Ceiling Signage for Retail Chains 

Keeping uniformity between stores in a retail chain can be difficult. It’s important that layout and merchandising be fairly similar between locations for ease of shopping. Sometimes it can be difficult though, when locations are large, there are many of them, and they are all managed and staffed by different people. It’s even more difficult to keep stores uniform when they are busy. One of the most commonly misplaced items is the retail signage. Floor signage often ends up in the wrong place, either due to being shuffled around to clean or merchandise, or due to customers shifting it to get around it. Ceiling signage is a great way to get around this issue so that all of the stores in your retail chain maintain the same look.

Sale Signage

So what’s so bad about floor signage being shifted around in the first place? Is it really a big deal? It certainly can be. The biggest problem is that you might end up with sale or promotional signage near regular-priced items, and this will cause quite a headache for your stores’ management staff as they either have to honor the confusion and lose profit by discounting the wrong merchandise, or risk losing customers by refusing to change process to fit the retail signage. Having the wrong signage in the wrong place will also confuse customers as to what section of the store they’re in, and they might end up leaving without finding what they want. Ceiling signage remains where it’s supposed to be at all times, thereby eliminating any possible confusion.

Confused in Retail Signs

Ceiling signage is also safer than floor signage, as it can be suspended out of reach. Even when it is within reach, it is less likely to cause injury because it doesn’t require a heavy frame. Most ceiling signage is printed on canvas and has only a small dowel at the bottom to keep it straight. This setup is far less likely to cause any kind of injury, as unlike floor signage on a frame or stand, it can not be tipped over and has no sharp corners. Accidentally walking into it is also unlikely to cause injury to your staff or customers, as the canvas material this signage is made of is generally quite soft. Not only will your retail signage prevent pricing and promotional confusion, but it will also create a safer and more relaxed environment for your stores’ customers and employees.

Ceiling signage does not have to take a lot of work to set up.  Using a retractable signage system that allows you to safely change the signage from the floor (no ladders or heavy lifting involved) creates an added element of safety for your staff and employees.  Using this system across all your retail chains will ensure uniformity.


Ceiling signage will have so many benefits to your chain retail business that you will begin to wonder why you ever had floor signage in the first place. If you never again want to deal with the many headaches of having your stores’ signage moved around, it’s time to invest in ceiling signage today.


About the Author: We have the ceiling signage system you need to increase workplace safety and make your chain stores look cohesive and uniform.  Our easy-to-use retractable signage system will have your place of business looking great with evenly hung signs that one employee can safely and efficiently manage. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from our retail signage systems.



  1. My fiance has been tasked with finding a sign company to work alongside. He wants to find an effective way to put the signs up. I think he would really appreciate knowing that hanging them to ceiling is really easy to set up.

  2. Kamlesh says:

    Very good post. Sign boards are very important for each and every business. It can bring in lot of customers if the designs and looks are good.

  3. Jordan Miner says:

    My wife and I have been wanting to look into some different options for signage we could use for a fundraiser. I’m glad you talked about some different signage options, including easy to set up options. I’m going to have to look for some different options and see what we can find!

  4. Retail Signs are the decision influencers especially for the customers who are inside the store. If a store owner can display the right information & the right place of the store then it can really give a nice hike to the store’s profit.

  5. Karan Arjun says:

    Good post regarding sign boards. These sign boards are very much important and plays a very important part in uplifting the image of the business and also to bring in more customers. Wonderful article and keep writing more.

  6. Amanda Drew says:

    You make a good point that ceiling signs will be printed on canvas and won’t be able to be tipped over. It’ll also help your customers be able to know exactly where to go and make their experience easier and happier, which will, in turn, make them think more positively about your business. You’d just need to find someone who could manufacture the signage for you.

  7. Hector Uba says:

    Thanks for elaborating on the benefits of using signs for your business. I agree that one of the biggest benefits of using signs is that they help you to stay more organized when your store gets busy. I would imagine that having signs helps customers with questions they might have.

  8. My friend is a manager of a small boutique. She’s been trying to think of ways to improve the signage around the shop. This article is full of interesting advice, like making sure to not have signage in the wrong place because it could result in a confused costumer who will take their business else ware.

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