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Retail Signage Increases Sales Revenue

In order to increase sales for your business, you must persuade customers to make purchases. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is by utilizing ceiling signage. In order to draw a customer’s attention to a product or store sale that will convince them that they need to purchase items from your store. This ceiling signage must be designed in such a way that it is effective in achieving this goal.  Bright colorful signs that point store patrons in the direction of a specific sale are a great way to direct consumers to spend money, which is exactly what you want when they walk through the doors.

retail signs - sale shopping cart

Many consumers choose their purchases on an emotional level, even if it is a subconscious one.  It is important to appeal to these emotions when choosing the right type of ceiling signage for your store. Images on signs are extremely helpful in conveying a strong emotion without a lot of effort or expense. An ad for diapers that uses images of babies and ceiling signage for party supplies that shows children smiling and happy are two examples of this type of emotional imagery.  Another effective form of advertising is a sign that engages the thought process of the customer and allows them to take in information regarding their purchase.  There are many ways to accomplish this, whether it is a play on words, a joke or by asking the consumer a question that causes them to think long and hard on a topic. Emotional signage will have an impact on impulse buying and thought provoking signage will create thoughts in the consumer’s mind that will last a long time, including their next trips back to your store later.

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Proper placement of retail signage is imperative and should be planned out in order to achieve the most desirable placement to attract the consumer’s attention. You don’t want to load up the ceiling with too much signage, as this will confuse your customers and in turn, actually decrease your sales.  Too much signage will compete for the consumer’s attention and distract them.  Additionally, retail signage should be arranged in such a way that other signs are not blocked from any angle.  Using a great retail signage system is imperative for the easiest placement to achieve that sought after, sleek, advertised look.

It is imperative to consider safety when it comes to effective ceiling signage.  Heavy, bulky signs run the risk of falling at unexpected times, possibly injuring customers or destroying store shelves or products. It is also very important to invest in signs that are lightweight or versatile, so that you can change them efficiently every time your discounts and sales changes.  You also want to make sure they are large, bold and professionally designed so that they are effective.  Having very large, cheap signage is not what you want to do.  Ensure you use a great retail signage system to put them up too.  The ease of the system will make changing signs for each marketing campaign a breeze.

Here at Reel E-Z Display we know the importance of ceiling signage.  That is why we have developed one of the safest, most effective signage systems in today’s market.  Reel E-Z Display uses a telescoping pole, self leveling system and retraction to enable signs to be changed from the floor and hang level and evenly.  Reel E-Z Display is so easy to use, it only takes one person to change retail signage from floor level.  Reel E-Z Display is trusted by big box retail stores such as Target and Family Dollar Store.  Isn’t it time you invested in the safest, most effective ceiling signage too?


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