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Retractable Banners and the Three Triggers

Emotions, Thought, Action, and Ceiling Signage

When communicating with any kind of advertising, whether it be commercials, radio jingles, newspaper ads, retail signage, or any of the like, it’s important to consider what effect your advertisement style is having on your consumer, and more importantly, what kind of effect you want it to have. While there are numerous methods of advertising today, there are three main reactions that can influence a customer’s behavior.

The first of the three is to get your customer to feel something, or have an emotional response to your ad. This is a very typical form of advertising that is used most often in a visual form. A television ad for diapers use a lot of imagery of babies, a newspaper ad against drunk driving often depict car accidents, and a billboard ad for a vacation spot will often have a couple enjoying themselves on a beautiful beach, mountain range, or other desirable destination. This kind of advertising is often used because an image can summarize all of these emotions, and therefore takes up less space than print, making even something as subtle as ceiling signage very effective.

The second grouping is advertisements that engage the consumers thought process, causing them to solve a problem or to take in information. There are numerous ways to do this, whether it be through a joke, a strange play on words, revealing little-known facts, or offering a question the consumer will have to think on. This style of advertising is more expensive since it requires more thought and more advertising space (both of which equate to more money) but the effects are often more beneficial. While emotional advertising goes for strong impulses, the effects of the ads causing thought will last longer. Depending on the space you have, whether it is a 20 second commercial or something small like a bus ad or ceiling signage, there is nothing better than a snappy quote or joke to get into the consumer’s mind, hopefully staying with them for a while.

The final response is to get your consumer to do something. This is called direct advertising, and tries to have the advertisement’s audience immediately engage in an action that will have them thinking about the product or moving closer to a purchase. This can also come in a large variety of methods, such as having your audience go to a website, search out a coupon, or simply read on. This method can be a bit of a gamble, as the extra effort involved is enough to lose the short attention span of the audience. However, it depends on the situation: having ceiling signage that directs a grocery shopper to “Look Left for Our Newest Product!” will be effective, as the direction will give the shopper an idea of where to go, especially in the usually aimless trip to the grocery store.

Take these ideas into account, and you’ll have a better idea if you should be advertising. Making the most of your advertising whether it’s hanging from retail signage, whizzing by on a taxi cab, or popping up on the internet.

Once you have your methodology for your ads down, make sure your ceiling signage is hung safely by using a retractable pulley system.  A system of this kind allows for the sign to be changed from the floor, greatly reducing the instances of accidents and downtime.


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