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Retail Signage: Ways to Approach Sign Hanging Safety

Easy Steps in Sign Hanging Safety

There are numerous ways to lose a customer: a bad experience, poor word of mouth, and most of all, any sort of harm to their person. Unfortunately, sometimes these things can happen without it being any sort of fault of the companies, but a gaff of the retailer. Sign hanging safety won’t only affect the safety of the staff, but the customer as well.

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For example, old signage hanging systems can become a problem after several years of use. Depending on the location of the retail signage and the age of the building, there are areas that may become decrepit. Should a sign be attached to one of these areas for some time, the sign could fall on the customer. The last thing any company would want is a sign with their advertisement to harm a customer. Sign hanging safety methods protect not only the staff and the customer then, but the image of the company as well.

There are numerous sing-hanging systems out there that do what they can to protect each individual.

Some sign-making companies have products that make it easy for staff to hang the retail signage, without the use of a ladder. The easier the installation method, the less danger you’re exposing your employees to, and the less opportunity there is for them to be hurt. Simple alternatives are available to make sign hanging safety easier on staff, especially when hanging signs from as high as 16 feet, the average height of most department store ceilings.


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Also, given your space, there are typically several ways to approach sign hanging safety with a single piece of signage. Whether it is attached to the ceiling, going up from the floor, braced between two walls or clipped to an open or drop ceiling, there are numerous methods to attach a weight distribution system that is more effective in certain circumstances. Talk with the signage company as to what is the best way to hang a sign given your advertising space.

A company with experienced personnel will also be aware of ways to keep your signs from harming anyone should they happen to fall. It’s important when considering sign hanging safety to consider the space you’re using. Is it possible to hang the sign in a place that is easily visible but doesn’t receive much foot traffic directly underneath? Would it be better to hang one large retail signage or several smaller signs? Arranging can become it’s own art, and while it’s important to have in-store advertisements displayed in a way that will grab the customer’s attention, keeping that customer safe should come first.

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There is nothing incredibly difficult about sign hanging safety, which means there is little to no excuse should someone be hurt by a fallen sign. As a retailer, be aware of both how to promote your and other company’s products, and make sure they’re as attractive as possible. Look for companies that pay attention to sign hanging safety, and you’ll be sure to have a product that will work for years, keep your staff effective and working, and your customers safe.


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