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Reel E-Z Display Changes Workplace Safety with Safe Retail Signage System

Reel E-Z Display’s ladder-less, retractable ceiling signage system creates a safe work environment for customers and employees.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 164,000 people are seen in emergency rooms each year because of ladder injuries. These injuries include broken bones, serious spine and neck damage, traumatic brain injury, and even electrical shock (caused by metal ladders falling onto, into or touching electrical equipment).  When ceiling signage is hoisted up a ladder and balanced overhead, the risk for injury grows significantly. Reel E-Z Display’s retail signage system addresses and eliminates these concerns.

The Reel E-Z Display ceiling signage system was designed by inventor and entrepreneur Annette Ricci.  Ricci took every precaution to ensure her product created safe workplaces, from the telescoping pole to the stoppers at the top of the retractable system.  “I thought to myself, ‘Maybe a 16-year-old hanging the sign would say, Let’s race to the top, and a sign would fly off and hit someone,’” says Ricci in reference to the stoppers on her system.

This system eliminates the hazards of ceiling signage in several unique ways.  It is ladder-less, which immediately negates the concerns due to balance, falls and hoisting signs up ladder.  A telescoping pole is used from the floor position to gently pull down the sign.  Once the sign is at floor height, it is changed quickly and easily by one person.  The sign is then retracted up to the stopper and self-levels.

The store workers are not the only ones safer with this ceiling signage system.  The customers are much safer too.  The Reel E-Z Display system is designed to hold ceiling signage securely in a variety of ceiling types.  For example, the drywall adapter kit allows you to use the Reel E-Z ceiling signage system with a drywall ceiling. A thin, metal strip can be screwed into the drywall ceiling, and the Reel E-Z Display clips onto the strip. An adapter is available for purchase to add a swivel feature. The open ceiling adapter allows you to use Reel E-Z with an open ceiling or drop ceiling. Simply hook the adapter over a bar in the open ceiling framework. Use this adapter when hanging your merchandising signage 10 feet or less from the ceiling. The open ceiling adapter also has a built-in swivel feature. The system is available for two pound and for five pounds.  Both systems extend up to 10 feet to allow customizable height preferences.

Dangerous ceiling signage is a thing of the past with Reel E-Z Display’s safe ceiling signage.  The elimination of ladders and the security of the overhead mechanism have revolutionized the way business owners display and hang their retail signage.

About the Author:

Reel E-Z Display is a retractable system that increases workplace safety along with the esthetics of suspended interior signage. Reel E-Z Display has several large contracts with retailers such as Family Dollar Store, Publix Supermarkets and Metro Stores.  These products are suitable for all businesses, large or small, and can be installed in most ceiling assemblies.


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