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Increase your Productivity with Retractable Signage

Retractable Signage for Branding

Retractable signage, due to its convenience, is essential for putting up merchandising signageNow more so than ever, since globalization has ushered in an era of survival of the fittest, which has created the need for tough marketing strategies to be taken up by retailers in order to survive the competition. Among the strategies implemented is the use of merchandising signage for promotional purposes. Strategically posted signage can increase consumer awareness of an existing product and grab the attention of potential customers. They inform, attract, create demand and motivate members of the public to buy a product or avail a service.

When simple problems are encountered during the installation of retail signage, it can be a great source of trouble and annoyance for everyone. The safety requirement for another employee to assist in holding a ladder while putting up signs is time consuming and inefficient. Moreover those very employees have to turn away from their work to assist one person, affecting their productivity as well.  Because of this, employees can shy away from putting up signs in really high places or difficult to reach places if a ladder is unavailable or other employees are busy. Thus a simple task with the potential to increase cash revenues and customer awareness would be set aside for later. In a ready for action environment, time lost is revenue lost! This is another reason to begin using retractable signage. Moreover ladder safety rules if neglected can lead to injuries and even death but most employees, in an effort to get things done quickly, overlook precautions like not exceeding the maximum weight limit, making sure the steps are horizontal, carrying light material and tools and checking the bottom steps of the ladder regularly!

Retractable Signage - Feb. 5 Blog Post


Retractable signage devices make the use of a ladder obsolete as merchandising signage can be adjusted without any hassles from the ground. This means that no longer would several employees have to assist in putting up signs in high or difficult to reach place and that an individual can put up signs independently.  Time is saved and productivity is increased. Employees don’t have to worry about the safety precautions that come with ladders and potential injuries from failing to notice ladder safety precautions are avoided.

The “Retractable Signage System” has a ten foot expansion to adjust signs in really high places. It is also accompanied by a feature that allows self-leveling so that employees don’t have to repeatedly adjust signs. This ensures that all retail signage put up with this system levels itself so that a look of uniformity and structure is established.  The system is set up painlessly to avoid undue waste of time, effort and money. Calling to attention that each and every step in a promotion of a product or service has to be done with minimal time wasted and therefore the potential for revenue is maximized.


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Our retractable signage system allows one person to handle the entire job with both hands free, freeing up other employees to do other things and be more productive. If you are a business that requires overhead signs and promotions on a regular basis then we can help make your work place safer!


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