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Effective Retail Signage Affects Sales in Your Business

When operating a major chain store line, it is important to have consistent retail signage that will help customers make a decision in purchasing the right goods for their needs.  Retail signage plays a very important role in directing and instructing consumers where to go in large stores.  Messages that promote discounts and product information must be effective in conveying the right details for customers to make an informed decision about the products they need.  In addition, the signs that are displayed in a store must be as professional as the big box chain name itself.  For instance, have you noticed when you visit big chain stores such as McDonalds, Target and Walmart that all the signs are strategically placed to attract your attention and you can expect the same uniform look with the signage in all of the stores within a chain?  This is how the signs should look in your chain stores as well. A main focal point, a catchy slogan and a few important points regarding the product is all that is needed on the sign to simply point the customer the right way.

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Another important aspect of effective retail signage is the placement and positioning of the sign.  It is important to place the sign in the proper location to grab the customer’s interest quickly.  Place yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to think from their point of view.  When placing banners or other signage in aisles or on large walls, check for any large barriers or blockages that may prevent customers from seeing the advertisement.  The best place to put signs in large chain stores is above aisle way entrances, on ceilings and very high on the walls.  This will ensure that everyone can see them clearly from basically wherever they are located in the store, as well as make sure that message is effectively communicated to those all over the store.

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Presentation is the key to visual messages and when it fails in not just one store but in all your chain stores because the placement or the signs were all wrong then sales can immediately take a hit and literally make or break a promotion that may have taken thousands to come up with in the first place. It is vital that a great and quick retractable signage system be used so that you can change out your signs quickly from the floor, as this will be critical when you are implementing the retail signage in your stores as part of your corporate marketing campaigns to increase sales.  If you count it up specifically in labor over the course of a year, you will see that the time spent solely on sign changing for marketing campaigns in all the store locations can really add up, so lessen it quickly, as well as the injuries and risks that are being taken everyday with ladders and multiple people on jobs for safety reasons. Installing a retractable retail signage system in your chain of stores will ensure a clean, uniform look across all your locations, will directly impact and improve your sales, and will be a safe option for both the patrons that must walk under the suspended signs and the employees that can change them safely from the floor.


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