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Retail Signage: Creating a Sign Hanging Safety Manual

Retail signage is an important part of your retail business. If you are running chain retail stores, you will have many employees under you responsible for putting up signage in your various locations. This can be problematic, as staff might start to come up with their own ways to hang the retail signage, and this can be dangerous. There needs to be clear direction, but that can be tough when you have several managers handling large teams. Some inconsistency is bound to happen. Not only can this lead to mishandling the signs in a dangerous way, but it might result in them looking different from one store to the next. The only way to guarantee that your signs are hung correctly and consistency, is to develop a set of company-wide guidelines and instructions for sign hanging safety and to have a signage system in place that allows for uniformity across all stores in your chain.

Sign hanging safety is especially important when dealing with ceiling signage, especially if ladders are involved. The good news is that once your ceiling signage is hung up, assuming it has been hung up properly, it is actually much safer than many other types of retail signage because it’s out of the way and constructed of soft material with little framing. The challenge is getting your teams across locations to practice sign hanging safety. Strongly consider producing a manual on the subject and distribute it to all locations. This will ensure that consistency and safety are achieved across your entire chain. Just remember that while safety is the key part of the manual, brevity and interest are also key considerations. No one will want to read a manual that is long or boring, so keep it simple so that the message is absolutely clear and easy to understand.

Your sign hanging safety manual should outline the step-by-step procedure for hanging ceiling signage. It should not only explain each step, but explain why each one is necessary. It should also highlight, in simple point form, how much safer than floor signage ceiling signage can be when proper sign hanging safety procedures are followed. Your team of employees needs to understand why they’re going through with the safety procedures. If you don’t clearly illustrate to them the benefits of safety procedures, as well as the risk involved with not following safety procedures, they will think these safety procedures are optional. However, if they see the purpose in following the manual, they will be more than eager to go along with it.

When choosing the ceiling signage system for your chain, strongly consider the retractable system that uses a telescoping pole to raise and lower the sign from floor height.  Not only will this eliminate the need for ladders and heavy overhead lifting, the self leveling mechanisms of this system ensure that all signs will hang evenly from a predetermined height.  This type of retractable system ensures sign hanging safety is easy to observe while also being a consistent system across all the stores in your chain.

Though ceiling signage can be much safer for the staff and customers at your retail store, if they are not hung up properly, they can actually lead to danger. Choosing the right system and creating a sign hanging safety manual for the employees will make ceiling signage the safe and ideal choice for your business. Safety is paramount in any retail store.  Ensuring that ceiling signage is handled properly will make your business a safer place for both your staff and your customers.


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