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Reel E-Z Display or Retail Signage Secures Family Dollar Store Contract

There are more than 7,000 Family Dollar stores in 44 American states.  Family Dollar stores sell health and beauty products, clothing, and household goods.  Unlike some discount stores, Family Dollar stores retails nationally recognized brands. The department store setup of this national chain meant the need for an interior retail signage system that was safe for the employees to use and that worked with the esthetics of the store.  This system needed to be consistent across all stores in the chain.  Family Dollar chose Reel E-Z Display to meet these needs.

Family Dollar choose Reel E-Z Display because they provide a safe, efficient way to change indoor retail signage.  The manpower required to change interior retail signage along with the instability of ladders (especially when customers are present) leads to a host of situations where the employee can fall, the employee can be injured by lifting the sign overhead, the ladder can malfunction, the signs could be hung at different lengths, or a customer could be injured by a ladder or sign that slips mid-change.  The value of the Reel E-Z Display system is that no ladders are needed. The system is designed to be operated by a single user from the floor level.
A telescoping pole is used to raise and lower the sign.  Once hoisted safely from the floor, the sign self-levels at a predetermined height and hangs securely.

Family Dollar stores are not the only retail chains excited about increasing the safety of the way they change retail signage. Other notable chain stores that use Reel E-Z Display’s interior retail signage systems include McDonalds, Target, WalMart, Coles, Walgreens, Publix Supermarkets and Metro (Canada). “At Target Australia, we are tremendously focused on staff safety and Reel E-Z Display was a great solution to that issue,” says management at Target (Australia). It has practically eliminated the need for employees to use ladders to hang signs. Sign hanging is now simple, safe and cost effective.” A spokesman for Walgreens, a retailer with over 4,200 outlets, also has nothing but praise for this retail signage system.  “Changing overhead signage is much faster with the Reel E-Z Display system,” says the spokesman for the chain. “It also has the advantage of improving the signs’ appearance because it’s much easier to hang the signs evenly. Employees don’t have to spend a lot of time getting them to hang straight.”

The speed at which this product has permeated the retail signage market is remarkable and the addition of Family Dollar stores to Reel E-Z Display’s client list is a true testament of how national retailers are improving the safety of working and shopping conditions for employees and patrons. For interior signage, Reel E-Z Display allows for that maximum safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness while achieving the job at hand. It is a hard triumvirate of positives to beat in the retail business.


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