The Reel E-Z Display Releases Promotional Video

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The Reel E-Z Display Releases Promotional Video – By Reel E-Z Display

April 2, 2013

Reel E-Z Display recently launched a promotional video featuring an animation of their product. “We are very excited about this video,” says Ms. Ricci, owner of Reel E-Z Display and creator of the ceiling signage system. “It really shows the value of our product and provides important information on how to use the device.”

Reel E-Z Display, is a ceiling signage system that allows for safe and efficient sign changes. Unlike traditional methods where two or more employees would be involved to hold a ladder and haul an awkward, heavy sign to ceiling height, Reel E-Z Display utilizes a telescoping rod to pull signs down from the ceiling. The signs are on a retractable pulley system that rises back to the ceiling after changing signage at accessible and safe ground level. Once attached with the metal clips and set to the desired height, the sign self-levels to give ceiling signage a clean, neat appearance. Each system extends to a maximum 10 feet to customize the height of the sign. The person changing the sign never leaves the floor and never has to raise the sign over their head. This method is so efficient, signs can be changed by one person.

The safety aspect of Reel E-Z Display cannot be overlooked. The system completely eliminates the need for ladders, which cause many slip and fall accidents each year. Eliminating ladders is an important step in keeping employees safe. There is added benefit for the consumers as well as the clips and hooks holding the device and signs in place are secure to keep the signs from tumbling to the ground and striking a shopper.

The addition of a video to market this ceiling signage system now allows end users to see exactly how the product works. The animated video was created in color and uses multiple angles to display the product from several viewpoints. The voiceover lists the steps required to change the sign as the animation follows each step.

Not only is this video a wonderful promotion for Reel E-Z Display, those that have already purchased this ceiling signage system can get value from it too. The video can function as part of training exercises for store staff or provide additional, visual information about how to change the sign.
The video is available on Reel E-Z Display’s You Tube Channel, located at While the company had other videos on their You Tube channel, this is the first to feature animations, a voice over, and detailed visual instructions on how the ceiling signage system works.


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