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Investing in Safe Retractable Signage

Retractable Ceiling Safety Signage

The more locations your retail chain opens and the larger your location and team of employees gets, the greater the risk of accidents taking place. Between crowded aisles, wet floors when it rains or snows, and merchandise shelves, there are many potential areas where injury can happen if great care is not taken. Fortunately, there are plans and precautions that can be put in place to keep your retail store locations as safe as possible. What many people don’t know is that there are always ways you can ensure your stores’ promotional signage is also as safe as possible. There are many safety signage tools and procedures that store managers and owners can put in place to prevent retail signage from tipping, falling, or hurting customers or staff in any way.

invest in safe retractable signs

Some of the safest signage you can invest in is retractable ceiling signage. Ceiling signage can be categorized as safety signage as it hangs up and out of the way, eliminating the possibility of your customers or your employees tripping over sign stands and frames that stand on the ground. It also can’t be tipped over and broken, like framed shelf signage. Ceiling signage is also usually adjustable and can hang at various heights, so you will definitely have the option to hang it high enough that it is completely out of the way of your customers, preventing any potential accidents.

Perhaps the best feature of retractable ceiling signage, what puts it in the category of safety signage, is the assortment of tools and accessories available to make the mounting, hanging, changing, and dismounting of the signage safe. Retractable ceiling signage frames use sturdy, heavy, metal hardware to anchor them to the ceiling. This makes the retail signage safe to use, as there is no risk of it falling down, but it also makes it much safer to change the signage within the frame. A little bit of pulling on the frame is bound to happen when changing signage, so the sturdy hardware is a great reassurance to your staff that changing a sign will not result in a frame being pulled out of a ceiling.


Another useful feature of retractable safety signage is the telescoping pole many have to allow one person to change the retail signage. The pole typically holds the frame in place while the old sign is pulled out and a new one is inserted. This is also what allows staff to change signs without having to climb up on dangerous ladder. This will be very reassuring to staff, who otherwise might be hesitant to change out signage due to potential accident or injury.

Retractable ceiling safety signage is a great way to reduce accidents and eliminate potential injury to the employees and customers in your retail store locations. Odds are, safety is one of the primary concerns you have in running your business, so going with retractable ceiling signage, as well as the tools and accessories to enhance the safety of the signage system, will be a great investment for your business.


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