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How to Ensure Safety in Hanging Retail Signage

Sign hanging safety is important to prevent injuries.  Although most people think that hanging signs is essentially a risk free task, as an employer you will want to acknowledge the fact that there are many risks involved in the task. You should make sure that you are including ladder safety and ensuring there are safety parameters set around all hanging activities.  Obviously, ladder safety is the biggest aspect of sign hanging safety and the issues that surround it.

Ladder injuries can be severe or minor and can range anywhere from small bruises to death. Many of these injuries suffered during attempts to hang signs can be prevented by putting a few simple safety procedures in place.  The first step in sign hanging safety would be to ensure the ladder chosen for the job is the correct height and type.  If the ladder is too short for the job, then the person will have to really reach far up and out to get the job done.  If the ladder is too long you will have to place the ladder in an unsafe position in order to be able to stand on it at all.  In order to be sure the correct ladder is chosen you will need to have a variety of sizes on hand for your employees and train them so they know how to choose the right ladder for a particular job.

It is also important to choose a good quality ladder.  Budget cuts in the area of purchasing ladders and any type of sign hanging equipment is absolutely not advised for the risk of death from a fall can be high, especially with cheap ladders and sign hanging systems. There are other risks involved with ladders if they are neglected.  For example, wooden ladders that have been stored improperly run the risk of having rungs rot, cracks or loosening joints.  Stepping on a rotten rung with your full body weight and your hands full can be a serious and tragic disaster waiting to happen.  A good quality ladder will have grooves on each rung to prevent slipping, be sure these are clean so that there are no risks of a fall while hanging the retail signage. You will also want to check the ladders often to be ensure there are is no damage or loose rungs; keep records of when they were checked last.  A priority item in sign hanging safety is to know that if there is any damage to a ladder at all, it is best to replace the ladder rather then try to repair it.


Train your employees to check the flooring and surrounding area before setting up the ladder for use as part of your sign hanging safety instruction.  If there are uneven parts or a rough patch or anything slippery at all on the ground, then they are asking for trouble if the sign hanging task is proceeded with.  You will want to train them to have someone there to support the base of the ladder in case the ground slants in anyway.  This will make sure the ladder doesn’t slip or move.   Lots of climbing up and down may even require tying the top of the ladder to a fixture to hold it securely in place.  Never place the top rung against something slippery like plastic or glass.  If using a step ladder you will want to be sure that it is planted firmly on the floor and all locks are secured with the two legs fully apart.   It is best to include ladder safety training in your employee training programs across the board because nearly anyone can decide to hang something up, even if their job is not include assisting in hanging signs.


There are other injuries involved in sign hanging that sometimes do not include falling off of a ladder.  Holding heavy bulky signs in awkward positions will pose risks of muscle strain to the back, wrists, shoulders and other body parts.  It is always best to hold heavy things as close to the body as possible so placement of the ladder is extremely important.  Avoiding twisting motions and being sure you are balanced with both feet on the rung is the best way to avoid any back injuries. One way to guarantee sign hanging safety is the use of retractable signs.  These systems allow the employee to bring the signs down to floor level for easy changing, eliminating the need for ladders altogether.  Overall, you eliminate the need for unnecessary training, ladders and safety issues when you implement the best retail signage systems. They will let your employees change the marketing signage from the floor, eliminating most hazards.


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