Reel EZ Shopper Marketing

The crowds that pack the aisles of the big-box retailers. Costco, Walgreens, Safeway and Kroger boast weekly shopper counts for 20 million, 30 million, 44 million and 68 million, respectively. Passing through the revolving doors of Wal-Mart locations across America each week are 150 million people.

While TV’s advertising has become watered down with audiences being fragmented by the addition of hundreds of new channels, retail has been concentrating its consumer base via consolidation. Due to consolidation and the rise of mega-chains, the top 10 retail accounts represent as much as 80 percent of sales in many cases where as15 years ago they only represented 25%.

It’s these changes of the past 15 years that has allowed shopper marketing to truly come into its own. The dynamics have changed and the one place you can reach a mass audience is in-store. So, if you get your message out there in an effective and relevant way, you’ll get results.

You want to be able to react quickly and bring the most current message to the consumer. Digital media is one way to do this, but a more economical way is using print media that can be changed easily. One very simple and cost effective method is the Reel E-Z Display, a retractable ceiling signage system. It allows the stores to easily change signage from the ground without a ladder.

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