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Family Dollar Stores Adding More Reel E-Z Display’s Retail Signage Units

In 2011 Family Dollar store added the Reel E-Z Display retail signage system to their nationwide chain of stores. In recent weeks, they have improved their in-store signage program by increasing the presence of this signage assembly system across their brand.  “Family Dollar store (is) continuing to expand the use of Reel E-Z Display, adding more units to their stores, continuing with the success in making this a part of their visual merchandising program,” states A. Ricci, the creator of Reel E-Z Display.

Family Dollar store has over 7,000 stores in 44 states and it is their policy to offer high-quality national brands at significant cost savings.  The stores are set up like a typical supermarket with sections and aisles designated for food, clothing, household items, toys and more.   Since Family Dollar store needed to clearly mark merchandising aisles and showcase promotional items in a consistent way across the brand, they needed a retail signage system that was easy to install; that would work with all of the locations in the chain; that made sign changes quick, easy and safe, that would be aesthetically pleasing; and that was cost effective.  Reel E-Z Display satisfied all of these needs.

The Reel E-Z Display system uses pulleys to raise and lower interior signage.  No ladders are necessary as this system is designed to be operated from the floor.  The height of the signs are adjustable.  Signs are raised to the desired height with a telescoping pole and once in position, the signs self levels.   As the Reel E-Z Display system is designed to be operated by a single user at floor level, Family Dollar Store is getting the added bonus of creating a safer working environment for their staff and a safer shopping environment for store patrons.

Family Dollar is continuing to integrate this retail signage system by increasing the amounts of Reel E-Z Display assemblies in each store.

Large chains such as Family Dollar store can take advantage of a 25% discount on 2lb ceiling signage units on all new orders processed by the end of 2012.  Current retailers that employ the retail signage system include Walgreens, Big Lots, Publix, Tesco, Metro Canada, Filenes Basement, Orange Australia, Target Australia, Motorola Mexico, Verizon, Coles Australia, Walmart Canada, Sobeys Canada, and McDonald’s Canada.


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