Reel E-Z Retractable Signage User Testimonials


“Reel E-Z Display addresses the need for a viable, safe and effective solution to increasing revenue through in-store displays. With all of the world’s technology and advancements, you would think that sign hanging would not be so archaic. Annette has solved the problem with Reel E-Z Display.”

– Don Walker,
President of Bri-Don Enterprises, Inc.


“At Target Australia, we are tremendously focused on staff safety and Reel E-Z Display was a great solution to that issue. It has practically eliminated the need for employees to use ladders to hang signs. Sign hanging is now simple, safe and cost effective.”

– Target Australia


“This is a big labor-saving device and it keeps the signs straight and looking good.”

– Walgreen spokesman Michael Polzin


“The Reel EZ ceiling mounts allow signs to be very visible without taking up floor space or being in the way when housekeepers clean or beds are moved from room to room. The extension pole makes the hanging process very easy. The bar pulls down and returns to the ceiling so smoothly. We are pleased with the color and design of the units. They blend in with the ceiling and are not obstructive in any way.”

– Bonnie Ward
ICS Parent Support Coordinator

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