The Benefits of Retractable Signage

Retractable signage is available in two types: one that sits on the floor and extends up and one that hangs from the ceiling and extends down. The conveniences and benefits of retractable signage make it a great choice for your merchandising signs and promotional displays.

Retractable signage has been available for more than ten years, and banner stands or roll up signs that sit on the floor are offered by many retailers in the sign production industry. Banner stands are most often used for presentations, at trade shows and other temporary locations. They are generally light-weight, easy to carry and transport, and quick to set up, making them ideal for these types of events. And best of all they are relatively inexpensive with many donning a price of less than $500 USD.

With most banner stands, the merchandising or promotional sign rolls up inside the metal or plastic covering. To set them up, you place the covering on the floor and it acts as a stand. Some type of pole usually extends up from the floor and the center of the stand, and the sign rolls out and attaches to the top of the pole. You can often customize the height. This is a very portable, all-in-one system with little required for assembling and dismantling. These are best suited to catch the attention of passersby in close proximity.

Banner stands were the only retractable signage available until 2003, when the Reel EZ Display came into the market offering retractable signage from the ceiling. All the same conveniences and benefits – easy to set up, quick to change out, inexpensive and durable – apply, but a wider scope of audiences and clients can benefit from the use of this retractable signage. Because installation is so simple, the Reel EZ product can be used in the temporary locations, such as trade shows, but because it is so simple to change out the signs that hang from it, Reel EZ can also be used in more permanent placements, such as grocery and retailers, as well.

The Reel EZ Display allows you to hang banners, foam core, framed signs, etc. from the retractable signage unit from the ceiling. A stopper on the unit allows you to adjust the height of the sign within a range of ten feet (3.048 meters) from the ceiling, and an adapter allows you to increase that range if necessary. You can use the product with any ceiling type – drop ceiling, open framework ceiling – and you can swivel the signs to face at an angle. The self-leveling feature ensures that all signs hang straight and look uniform and professional.

Once Reel EZ Display is installed on the ceiling, a ladder is not needed to change the merchandising or promotional signs, improving the safety and simplifying the process. A telescoping pole is used to pull the sign down so you can change out the banner or sign and then return it to the proper height. You can hang signs that weigh up to five pounds (2.268 kilograms) from the Reel EZ Display, and a separate unit is offered if you need to hang lighter signs weighing up to two pounds (.907 kilograms).

This retractable signage system is also an affordable option to prominently display your promotions and merchandising advertisements. Many more customers in a larger space can see merchandising signage from the ceiling than from the floor. Used in combination, both retractable signage systems offer the most impact and lead to the most conversions.

Retractable signage is convenient, reliable and requires little maintenance. Usually, the systems do not rely on batteries or electricity and last for several years. You might ask, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have retractable signage work like the electronic blinds with a remote control?” But, in fact, this is not an ideal design in retail and trade show floor space. The simple, but reliable design of retractable signage means you don’t have to run wires to electricity or replace batteries or worst of all keep up with those remotes!


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