Safety Signage: Efficient, Effective, and Safe

Safety signage is the most efficient way to handle indoor ceiling signage.

Ceiling signage is the most effective way to direct customers, organize merchandise and advertise specials. These signs must be changed and maintained often, which requires employees to balance on the rungs of a ladder while working with these clumsy, awkward, heavy signs. Storeowners without safety signage face several severe challenges. Despite the safety features incorporated into standard ladders, approximately 50% of falls from a minimum of 11 feet are fatal. The other 50% may sustain serious injuries as any object, the human body included, accelerates until it is stopped by a fixed object. Plainly speaking, if you fall off a ladder you will free fall faster and faster until you slam into the floor. It is no small wonder that the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports over 90,000 emergency room trips annually for ladder accidents.

With most banner stands, the merchandising or promotional sign rolls up inside the metal or plastic covering. To set them up, you place the covering on the floor and it acts as a stand. Some type of pole usually extends up from the floor and the center of the stand, and the sign rolls out and attaches to the top of the pole. You can often customize the height. This is a very portable, all-in-one system with little required for assembling and dismantling. These are best suited to catch the attention of passersby in close proximity.

Reel EZ Display Inc. has come up with a revolutionary safety signage method. A retractable system lowers to the floor where any employee can safely and quickly change the sign without the use of ladders, specialized safety training and no chance of a fatal fall. The added bonus of this safety signage is the adjustable height and self-leveling features that produce a clean, uniform display storewide. Using safety signage is simply good business sense. According to a NIOSH study, ladder accidents happen for the following reasons:

  • The wrong ladder was used for the job.
  • The ladder fails (deterioration or manufacturer error).
  • The condition of the supporting surface (slippery, spongy, etc).
  • The ladder was improperly used.

Accounting for these factors in a store setting without safety signage, prudent storeowners must ensure that:

  • They have the correct type of ladder for each type and height of ceiling signage.
  • The ladders are stored, checked and maintained properly.
  • The ladders are decommissioned and replaced at the end of their working life.
  • There are staff members on hand that fall within the weight restriction of the ladders.
  • The floor surface is in excellent condition and can support the ladder at each sign location.
  • Each sign-changing employee receives fall arrest training.
  • WCB claims due to ladder falls are properly processed.

The above procedures are time consuming and costly. The simple solution? Safety signage.

We know you care about the safety of your employees as much as you care about the essential marketing provided by ceiling signage. Keep your employees safe. Eliminate the time and money it takes to keep the right ladders on hand, train staff, and process WCB claims. Safety signage is the smart, efficient, and money-saving way to: boost profits with a uniform indoor signage display, to have an efficient sign-changing system that is not dependent of a host of mitigating factors, and most of all, to ensure your staff can manage your signage completely confident in the safety of the procedure.

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