Holiday Merchandising Signage can be Reel EZ This Season

Use Reel EZ Display to create effective merchandising signage.

There is good news for retailers this holiday season! The National Retail Federation reports 212 million shoppers hit stores and websites over the Thanksgiving weekend. This is 17 million more shoppers than last year and they were spending an average of $365.34 each. With the nation still reeling in the aftershock of the recession, retailers are looking for ways to encourage shoppers back into their stores. This increase over last year is very positive. Now is the time to capitalize on merchandising signage to make the best use of this upward consumer trend.

Merchandising signage during the holidays can be a tricky business. Retailers must decorate their stores for the festive season without blocking their interior signage. They must further ensure that the overall effect of snowflakes, Santas, elves, angles, ornaments, tinsel, glitter and stars do not make their store a contender for TLC?s Tackiest Christmas Lights program. Not all of us have the talent of an interior decorator, but all of us can have well placed, effective merchandising signage. The quickest, easiest and safest way to place your signage this season is to use the Reel EZ Display system.

Reel EZ Display is a self balancing, pull down system that is so easy and convenient to use, any employee can be called upon to change the merchandising signage. No ladders or levels are needed. A telescoping pole brings the sign down. The new sign is attached. The sign rises up to the height of your choice and levels automatically. With Reel EZ Display, your merchandising signage is neat, orderly, and not in competition with your holiday displays.

Interior merchandising signage is a crucial part of any retail strategy. Holiday shoppers are tired and impatient. Having to constantly ask where to find things or if an item is on sale will deter them from shopping in your store. Clear, concise, neat signage is the key to bringing customers in, keeping them engaged, and encouraging them to return.

Shoppers are flocking back into stores. Do not let sloppy merchandising signage scare away potential customers this holiday season. Reel EZ Display is the gift that keeps on giving. It will direct your holiday shoppers and continue to be a money and time saving way to hang signage all year long.

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