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About Reel E-Z Display Company

Reel EZ Display came to be as result of a Design & Deliver Inc. client’s request to create a convenient way to hang merchandising signage and improve sign hanging safety. The resulting product led to the client’s approval and purchase of the ceiling signage system for each of their more than 4,000 stores.

Design & Deliver Inc. separated the Reel EZ product into its own company and patented the design. Since 2003, the retractable signage products have been a huge success at industry trade shows.

Today, the Reel EZ Display ceiling signage system can be found in big box retailers, theaters, grocery and convenient stores, banks, schools, cafeterias and exhibit centers around the world. Businesses across the United States and Canada, in Europe and as far away as Australia find the merchandising signage system safe and simple to use.

Clients are most pleased with its quick installation, ease of use and professional appearance. These qualities lead to clients realizing many benefits, such as increased productivity, reduced risk through improved sign hanging safety and increased revenue from in-store sales.

Reel EZ clients include Walgreens, Big Lots, Publix, Tesco, Metro Canada, Filenes Basement, Orange Australia, Target Australia, Motorola Mexico, Verizon, Coles Australia, Walmart Canada, and McDonald’s Canada, to name a few.

Learn how you can hang your beautiful and inviting merchandising signage – foam core, cardboard, banners, flags, framed art, styrene, gatorboard – and start increasing sales today!

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